Is Your Condition Getting Worse After Settling Workers Compensation? Clear Steps On Future Compensation

23 December 2014
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If your injury occurred as a direct result of your workplace activities and conditions, workers compensation lawyers will help you get settlement from your employers. Many of these cases are often settled out of court to save on time and effort by both client and employer. A good number however, go through the judicial system and result in clear compensation packages. Should an individual's injuries worsen after settling a workers' compensation case, he or she may find himself or herself in a dilemma. Read More 

What To Do If You’re Injured By Another Vehicle In A Motorcycle Accident

22 December 2014
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You already know that your motorcycle is nothing like a car, so it shouldn't surprise you that motorcycle accidents are nothing like car accidents. Motorcyclists have no protection between themselves and the road. If the driver of a car taps another car while going 20 miles an hour the other car isn't going to crash - your motorcycle will. The potential for serious injury or death is always there when you're driving a vehicle, but a motorcyclist is simply at more risk. Read More