Workers Comp May Deny These Claims, But You Still Have A Chance

21 December 2020
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Workplace injuries can be devastating, and many people walk away from these injuries with serious medical bills and the inability to work. Are you thinking about hiring an attorney to ensure you receive the workers compensation you deserve? Before you do, understand what kinds of injuries your attorney can help you receive compensation for. Slip & Fall Injuries Slip and fall injuries are very common at work, and it is important that you file a claim. Read More 

Are Warning Signs Enough to Absolve Liability for Injuries?

19 November 2020
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When you own a home or business, it is your responsibility to provide a safe environment for those who enter your property. You must keep the area clean, safe, and free of hazards. In many cases, you may not be able to make immediate repairs or changes necessary to help increase the safety of your property. When you are in this situation, warning signs are a good way to protect those visiting you. Read More 

Are You Looking for a Personal Injury Attorney?

27 October 2020
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Sustaining injuries following an accident is devastating, bearing in mind the physical, mental, and emotional pain on the victim and their family. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tell an approaching tragedy, but you should seek help from a qualified attorney if it does. Hiring the right personal injury lawyer will ensure you receive proper representation and the compensation you deserve. However, determining who among the many attorneys out in the field is suitable to handle your claim is not an easy task. Read More 

The Potential Consequences Of A Drug Crime Charge

24 September 2020
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Getting charged with a drug crime is a serious criminal charge that could result in many consequences. The consequences you receive depend on the nature of the drug charges and your criminal record. Here are several things to understand if you are currently facing a drug crime. The Type of Crime Affects the Consequences The first thing to know is that there are different levels of drug crimes. Some drug crimes are more serious than others. Read More 

Should You File A New Lawsuit Or Join An Existing One?

21 August 2020
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There are many benefits to filing a personal injury lawsuit against a responsible party who harmed you in some way. However, launching a new case isn't always necessary or desirable. Sometimes it's better to join an existing lawsuit to protect your interests. Here are two questions to ask to help you determine if this is the right option for you. Will the Existing Lawsuit Hurt Your Interests? The law lets potential parties join ongoing lawsuits, as long as they meet certain requirements, with the primary one being you must have a valid cause to intervene. Read More